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US Government Investigations of USS Liberty Attack

Some 20 years ago I sat across a desk in the Library of Congress from Clyde Mark, a Researcher in the Congressional Research Service (CRS).

Mr. Mark was in the CRS when the USS Liberty was attack and was the Researcher to whom USS Liberty questions from Members of Congress would be directed for a response.

I asked Mr. Mark the direct question, “Has the US government investigated the June 8, 1967, Israeli attack on the USS Liberty?”

His response was immediate and emphatic:


In order to be an official response from the CRS a Member of Congress must submit the question.  To date, no Member of Congress has had enough interest in the attack on our ship or has shown the honor and respect for the American military to ask the CRS the question.

If you know of such an investigation by the US government, please click here to ask for a copy of it from official US government sources then send us a copy.

For clarification, reports, reports of reports or US government documents that merely mention the attack on the USS Liberty do not constitute complete and comprehensive public US government investigations of the attack on our ship.


Joe Meadors
USS Liberty Survivor
Director of Operations, USS Liberty Veterans Association
Email: [email protected]

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